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TMarie Suits find out more at DLBTMarie Suits find out more at www.competitionstrong.comTMarie Suits find out more at www.competitionstrong.comTMarie Suits find out more at www.competitionstrong.comTMarie Suits find out more at www.competitionstrong.comTMarie Suits find out more at www.competitionstrong.comTMarie Suits find out more at

Tamee Marie | TMarie Suits

Tamee is committed to providing you with the best suit that the figure fitness and bodybuilding industry has to offer at the most reasonable prices.  Her goal is to get you the suit of your dreams with the best customer service available with the most reasonable price in the market today.  This is why she offer’s suits for all types of budgets for purchase or rent. She has been competing in figure and fitness shows since 2004 and understand’s the importance of a pretty suit but also a suit that fits right. She work’s with all level of competitors from the first time local show, to IFBB and NANBF pro’s.

Alicia Coates

Allison Frahn

Ann Titone

Ava Cowan

Bethany Cisternino

Candice Carter

Candice Chamberland

Candice Keene

Dana Ambrose

Dana Linn Bailey

Danielle Ruban

Erin Stern

Felicia Romero

Fiona Harris

Heather Dees

Jennifer Robinson

Jenny Lynn

Julie Mayer-Hyman

Karin Hobbs

Karina Nascimento

Krista Dunn

Lacey Delucca

Dana Ambrose

Monica Brant

Davina Medina

Narmin Assria

Sabrina Taylor

Teresa Anthony

Trish Warren

Tycie Coppett

Vera Mallet

Whitney Jones

Tamee Marie’s personal competition history


Europa Phoenix Women’s Physique | 3rd place

IFBB Titans Grand Prix Women’s Physique | 1st place

IFBB Mr Olympia Women’s Physique | 15th place

Great Gulf States WP | 1st place

Omaha Pro WP | 1st place


Titans Grand Prix WP | 2nd place

Olympia WP | 9th place

IFBB Greater Gulf WP 3rd place


IFBB Houston Pro WP | 1st place

IFBB Wings of Strength WP | 4th place

IFBB Greater Gulf States WP | 1st place


IFBB Houston Pro Figure | 13th place

IFBB Phoenix Pro Figure | 15th place

IFBB Europa Super Show Figure | 15th place

IFBB Ny Pro Fitness | 14th place

IFBB St Louis Pro Figure | 9th place


IFBB Ft Lauderdale Fitness | 6th place

NPC Fitness Nationals (IFBB PRO CARD) | 2nd place

NPC Jr Nationals Fitness | 4th place


NPC Fitness Nationals | 5th place

NPC Arnold Classic Fitness | 2nd place


NPC Jr USA Figure | 15th place


NPC USA Figure | 15th place

NPC Team Universe Figure | 15th place

NPC Iron Man Figure | 3rd place


NPC Rocky Mountain Figure | 1st place & Overall

NPC Jr Nationals Figure | 15th place


Rocky Mountain Figure  | 4th place

Sponsored Athletes

2015 Sponsorship Selections  are………………….

  • Lacey Dulucca
  • Narmin Assria
  • Candice Chamberland
  • Alicia Coates
  • Shannon Frederick
  • Tycie Coppett
  • Karlie Grooms
  • Fiona Harris
  • Whitney Jones
  • Candice Carter
  • Dana Linn Bailey
  • Karina Nascimento
  • Heather Dees
  • Brooke Walker
  • Sabrina Taylor
  • Candice Keene

Every year in late September I have a three week application period  for the upcoming season’s sponsorships.  If you would like to be considered please check back in September 2015 for more information including the link to the application and entry timeline.



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