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Ross Caesar | Bermuda

Ross Caesar is one of Bermuda’s leading health and wellness experts and has been working in the Fitness Industry for over 15 years. Currently based at the Sea View Fitness Center, his clientele ranges from business professionals, models, top athletes in a variety of sports and those who are looking to make a healthy lifestyle change. Ross is also an expert life coach for individuals who may find it challenging to stick to a fitness plan and need additional motivation and inspiration to break bad habits in order to meet their goals. Ross holds two Personal Training Certificates and Two Coaching Certificates.

Precision Fitness Training for Competitive Athletes
Bodybuilding Routine, Choreographing and Posing
Online Fitness Training for International Clients
Detailed Body Sculpting for Models and Performers Requiring A Professional
Strength and fitness boot camps in Bermuda for international clients
International Physique
Weight Loss and Fitness Programs
Residential Personal or Group Training
Boot Camps and Weight Loss Competitions for Corporate Clients or Groups
Nutrition and Wellness Assessment and Advice
Equilibrium Activewear Distributor (licensed distributor)


I’ve represented both Barbados and Bermuda internationally at the Central America and Caribbean championships (CAC) as a middle weight.
2015 Winter  Classic Championships, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
Light Heavyweight, Winner
Men’s Masters over 40, Winner
Men’s Physique over 40,  4th place
Bermuda | 5th place
Barbados | 5th place
Venezuela | 6th place
Bahamas | 3rd place
Guyana | 2nd place
Bermuda | 2nd place
Jamaica | 2nd place
Grenada |  1st place

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