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Roger Gonsalves | FL

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer: Miami, Florida
ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

After getting married and having his son, Roger fell into a regular routine of working a lot and overeating. He watched his weight gradually increase until he reached 215 pounds and decided to make some changes.  At 37 years old he decided to change his unhealthy ways and lost over 50 pounds.  He always had a passion for weight lifting and entered his first physique competition in 2012.  Roger loves sharing his knowledge and passion with others and enjoys helping his clients attain a healthier lifestyle.  He specializes in helping men in their 30’s to 50’s lose those pounds that accumulate over the years and get back in shape.  He understands how challenging family and work obligations can be and will create a customized plan to meet your individual circumstances and goals.

Roger is currently shredding for the summer and is sharing his nutrition and training.  You can follow his progress and see his nutrition and training details here. Roger Gonsalves 2017 Summer Shred

Roger has successfully transformed his body from 215 pounds and 30% body fat to 160 pounds and 7% body fat.  His first hand experience transforming himself and his clients has provided him with the knowledge and experience required to help you in your transformation.  Roger is also an accountant and a father to a 12 year-old boy so he understands how life’s obligations can make obtaining the physique you want challenging, especially as you get older.  Whether you are looking to enter a competition or just want to look and feel better, Roger can help you get there.

Roger’s plans include:

  • Initial customized workout and cardio plan with unlimited updates to keep you progressing towards your goal
  • Initial customized meal plan with unlimited updates
  • Unlimited nutrition, supplement and workout guidance via e-mail
  • Weekly check-ins via skype or phone
  • Review of measurements and pictures

Online training and nutrition packages range from a $79 one time fee to $199 for 3 months.  Fill out the contact form below to discuss which option may be best suited for you.



May | NPC Naples Bonita Springs Classic | Florida | 3rd Place


May | Bermuda Bodybuilding & Fitness Extravaganza | Bermuda | 6th Place


February | Gold Coast Classic | San Diego, CA | 4th Place



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