Real Talk Real Women Ryall Graber Miriam Khalladi

Real Talk Real Women | BOOK

Ryall is proud to be a contributing author of this inspirational book amongst 100 leading women in the health and fitness industry. They each share their most valuable life lessons around loving yourself, never giving up, achieving success, finding balance and making a difference in the world – and the foreword is by New York Times Best Selling Author Tosca Reno and. As you read through the 100 chapters in Real Talk Real Women, you’ll get to know some of the most amazing women that walk the face of the earth. They open up their hearts and share their personal stories, revealing what they’ve learned from overcoming the sudden loss of loved ones, drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders, sexual abuse, domestic violence, rape, epilepsy, cancer and many other tremendous obstacles in life. Through it all, they learned to love themselves, never give up and achieve success in their own way. They found balance in their lives and are now dedicating themselves to making a difference in the world. The lessons they share in this book have changed their lives, and they can change yours. This is truly a transparent and inspirational book!




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