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New Vendor Listing

This is where we will post a short description about your product.  We like to keep this to about 2 to 4 sentences or bullet points.


We offer a yearly subscription.  Included in that is everything you see on this page. It will include a description of your product (as long or short as you want), photos (up to 10), post on Facebook to introduce your product and any upcoming specials you might be offering.  We also have a contact sheet that will allow clients to connect with you.  We also find that coupons work well to get clients to purchase your product.

We currently offer 1 year and 2 year subscriptions.

1 year subscription | $75

2 year special | $125

Link to your site

If you would like us to add a link directly to your site for clients to purchase your products the yearly fee is an additional $15.

What we would like from you to start your page

  1. Professional Photos of your products and logo – This is huge!  Please make sure you have professional shots. People love to see pictures of products. So please, no cell phone pictures! We want this site to stay current and new. This is a big part of it.
  2. Your website address – We find it much easier and quicker if we go directly to your website and pull information ourselves.  We can also pull pics from your website.
  3. Preferred email address for clients to contact you with.
  4. Up to date pricing and product offerings.
  5. Once we have your page all set-up, we will notify you so you can go in and review it.  We will then make any changes to it you like before publishing it.

Do you also train clients to compete in events?

We also have a section that is just for bodybuilding/competition Trainers. This is considered a separate page – it is not included in your Vendor subscription. Please click here to view the New Trainer Listing prices.

Upcoming Competition Listing

We have hundreds of competitions listed on our site. We get tons of hits this way and then competitors turn and look for a trainer or clothing. We also answer phone calls and help people with any questions they may have about Upcoming Competition.  If you are sponsoring a show, we will also include a link in the event listing to your profile – this is free with your Trainer Subscription. Please click here to view Upcoming Competition Listings.

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