Janet Marsico Choreography & Online Training for more info go to competitionstrong.com
Janet Marsico Choreography & Online Training for more info go to competitionstrong.comJanet Marsico Choreography & Online Training for more info go to competitionstrong.comJanet Marsico Choreography & Online Training for more info go to competitionstrong.comJanet Marsico Choreography & Online Training for more info go to competitionstrong.comJanet Marsico Choreography & Online Training for more info go to competitionstrong.comJanet Marsico Choreography & Online Training for more info go to competitionstrong.comJanet Marsico Choreography & Online Training for more info go to competitionstrong.com

Janet Marsico | NY

Put the power of a Champion Pro Competitor & Coach put you on the fast track to winning!  

With over 20 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Janet has been a leading champion of Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini and Figure competitions. She has inside knowledge of posing for over twenty different organizations and has judged in all five arenas, making her notably recognizable for her mark in the industry.

While all of this is meaningful, Janet’s best talents and passion is in working with competitors from all over the US through her Group and One-On-One Workshops, online coaching, seminars and other avenues within the radius of her home base in Harrison, New York. She teaches clients every miniscule detail that makes the winning difference, which she knows both from a competitive and judging standpoint.

Since 1991 until present day, Janet continues working with regional and national competitors through her One-On-One individual Workshops, Group Workshops and online coaching methods. She practices what she preaches and is currently a WNBF Pro Figure Competitor since 1994, always placing within the Top 5 of every competition she has entered since 1991, and winning several WNBF Figure Competitions, including the WNBF World Figure Championship. She also created an instructional DVD for Figure, Bikini and Ms. Fit Body competitors who cannot travel to her very popular Workshops.

Some of Janet’s current accolades include:

    • Official Stage Coach for the INBF and WNBF (inbf.net)
    • Host of FTNS Fitness Radio on The Body Shop (Monday nights from 9:00-10:00) EST (ftns.co)
    • Fitness writer for Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness magazine, Pro Natural Muscle and Natural Muscle
    • Receiver of the BOFF Memorial Spirit of Bodybuilding and Fitness Award
    • Fact: Over 95% of all Figure Workshop clients place top 3 in every show entered
    • Over 80 clients have obtained WNBF pro cards; as well as pro cards for other organizations such as IFBB, OCB, DFAC, and many others
    • Coaches all posing and model walks for over 15 different organizations and 5 different categories
    • Has been judging and competing since 1991

Owner of Several Companies and Editorial Contributor on Fitness

As well as being the owner of The Figure Workshop, Janet is also the fitness writer for Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine and has her own column called “Figure First with Janet Marsico.” Most recently, she writes for Natural Muscle and Pro Natural Muscle. Janet has coached many of the top competitors on the stage today. She is also the Official Figure Stage Coach for the INBF and WNBF.

Posing Coaching

Gain posing confidence with us

One of the hallmarks of our services includes posing and posting techniques. We help you present your best self by working with you on stance, poise, facial expressions, and even more specific posting to reveal your best assets and diminish any character flaws. The Figure Workshop is well reputed for its classy approach to posting to bring out the sexiness of each contender, without seeming as if she is trying too hard. This seamless approach is why so many of our women finish in the Top 5 or even Top 3 places within fitness, figure and bodybuilding competitions.

Win the judges over, one “stance” at a time!

As a figure contender, you are more than just a beauty queen. Our fitness pros are true athletes with curvy figures and dynamic presence. So many details go into the finish performance. Whether you’re a rookie stage competitor or a seasoned veteran, you can benefit greatly by working with Janet Marsico on your posing and posting skills.

In case you live away, The Figure Workshop can also help you prepare for posing by doing online consultations or video/DVD services. This is one of our main areas of expertise and therefore it is best to book your posing requests early to ensure preparedness for your competition date.

Routine Choreography

Creating Memorable Routines to Help You Excel on Stage

One of the reasons 95% of Janet’s clients take home Top 5 positions are because of her abilities in choreography. She works with every client individually to choose the right music, moves and transitions with a few exciting twists that leaving a lasting impression upon the judges. TOP PERFORMANCE IS IN THE DETAILS. As a competitor for 22 years and also a judge, Janet knows exactly what the WNBF World Figure Champion judges are looking for. She wins and places in every competition, and so can you!

Whether this is your first competition or you have been in several, having Janet Marsico’s choreography expertise is sure to give you that extra sizzle in your dance routine and on-stage performance. Together, she will collaborate with you to choose music that is upbeat, energetic, and that showcases your talents, strength and stage presence.

Those who are unable to come to work with the Figure Workshop locally would greatly benefit by ordering a personalized training DVD, which Janet can create for you based on your current aptitudes. Each customized DVD will feature a dynamic routine that you can work on whenever you wish, even in the privacy of your own home. Some of the Figure Workshop’s local Harrison, New York clients opt for both; so they can work on a choreographed routine one-on-one with Janet and then practice and master the routine at home.

Telephone Consultation

“Listen In” and Win!

How would you like to get insider’s knowledge on winning competitions? What if you had advice from industry winners, judges and federation pros? The Figure Workshop does phone consultations on various competition topics, in which Janet Marsico speaks candidly with experts in the specific fitness and figure market segments. These valuable tips and interviews are available for purchase, upon which you may listen to them anytime and as many times as you like.

Here you’ll find interviews with experts on:

  • Posing techniques
  • Choreography
  • Dieting and nutrition
  • Show-ready tips and tricks
  • Choosing the most flattering costuming and swimsuits
  • Hair, makeup and tanning
  • Standing, walking and other flattering stage impressions
  • Focus & determination
  • And more….

Phone consultation interviews will be updated weekly, so tune in often for the most recent updates.

Listen to industry experts for the competitive advantage.


Helping Clients Everywhere to Attain Fitness Goals

For those of you who live too far to travel to New York to come to an actual Workshop, The Figure Workshop offers online coaching and consulting services, as well.

What is included? This largely depends on your needs, skill level and specific goals. First and foremost, after a retainer is paid, your fee will cover the following:

  • Janet will personally contact you, either through email or by phone.
  • She will ask for photographs of you at present and will provide you with initial critiquing. She then sends you photos of all of the proper stances for the division(s) you are competing in. These photos will include a detailed description of the front, back and side stances, as we’ll as the model wall in detail for the organization you are competing in along with visuals.
  • Afterwards, you will receive six (6) e-mails with Janet for follow up and additional coaching/guidance or direction and critiquing.
  • Once those services have been honored, should you decide to move forward and continue with Janet’s help and continued critiquing (you will continue communications and sending her photographs of the stances and poses, as practiced), she will work with you to determine an additional retainer and cost to continue with your development, if needed.
  • Janet is also available for quick questions here and there, should you have a need.

Technology makes it possible to work with anyone you choose. Work with Janet Marsico before entering your next competition. This is your chance to rise to the occasion with confidence and poise, and without having to travel if you live too far away!



Walk the Walk and Pose Like a Champ

In case you’re wondering what a “Figure Workshop” entails, this fundamental Workshop is at the heart of all of our Workshops. Founded by WNBF Pro World Figure Champion Janet Marsico, the Figure Workshops were developed as a way to help aspiring competitors to prepare for exactly what is required to win a competition. As a 22 year industry veteran, Janet can help women who are preparing for a Figure, Best Body Swimsuit, Ms. Fit Body or any Bodybuilding Competition.

The Figure Workshop concept was developed years ago, when upon entering a few competitions, Janet realized just how unprepared she was for the big stage and how much practice was required to complete the series of mandatory quarter turns and individual stage walks with proficiency, confidence and accuracy. This is truly a niche that many women overlook until they prepare for a show for the first time. After working with a coach, competitors discover how much better they perform and place! Anyone who is planning to enter a competition will greatly benefit by taking a Figure Workshop, as they will be able to work one-on-one with an actual judge and multiple winner of various competitions.

Having ample time to practice makes you better prepared, more confident and polished in the way you look and present yourself.

Elements of The Figure Workshop include demonstrations of all of the walks, turns, looks, and stage presence that are required to forge a connection and favorable mark by the judges. For example, The Figure Workshop covers:

    • The “T” Walk / Model Walk: Janet demonstrates, illustrates and helps you perform the T to perfection, from initial prejudging to head-to-toe appeal. This portion of the competition is extremely important because the judges look at an individual contestant by themselves, taking into account their appearance from hair to skin tone and color, choice of suit, make-up many details in between.
    • Industry Approved Vendors: Janet also puts you in touch with the right referrals for suits, shoes, tanning products, hair or make-up, and more.
    • Quarter Turns: During a competition, the girls are asked to line up together and perform a series of quarter turns. Placing emphasis on front stance, side stance and back stance, Janet teaches you how to pose, walk and display your body optimally in the judge’s eyes. Unlike the “T” walk, this is a critical and defining moment in which the judges compare the competitors against one another and place them accordingly. Each quarter turn becomes an art of gracefulness, swag and finesse. Some of the distinctive aspects of this development includes:
      • Proper flaring of lats to create tapered symmetry
      • Correct standing on quads to bring out the flare of quad muscles
      • Holding and positioning of glutes, abs and every muscle distention without strain, such as those more commonly found in bodybuilding competitions
      • Different styles for Best Body Swimsuit, Ms. Fit Body, Figure and Bodybuilding as it relates to your individual goals

Please be thorough when filling out your registration form to let us know which competitions you will be preparing for and entering to win. The Figure Workshop also schedules private, One-on-One Sessions by Appointment, both during Weekdays and Weekends.


      • Your stage shoes
      • Shorts and a top that does not cover your shoulder areas. You can wear a tank top. You do not have to wear a competition suit to these classes. A lot of clients take these classes in their off season to keep their stage presence up to par and are not comfortable in anything less than shorts and a tank or a t-shirt, which is 100% acceptable. The most important thing is that you are comfortable.

NOTE: Remember; do not work out the day of your scheduled Workshop.

As a beginner, the One-on-One attention is necessary in order to fully master the stage. Within this Figure Workshop, Janet is fully able to work with you individually and help you master your fullest potential, both in your stances and “T” walks. She caters to your unique physique, helping you to refine, modify and perfect all of your moves. She can help you to bring out your strongest areas, while teaching you how to best hide any flaws, as well. This undivided, one-on-one time can truly make you shine!


Join a Group With Top Fitness Participants

When you surround yourself with positive, fitness-oriented people, you have a greater chance for individual success both on and off the stage. WHY? In the fitness world, we are all here to help each other. Having a great physique is not the only reason so many people embrace the desire to compete. We all have experiences we can share, assets and attributes, natural talents and under the right guidance, we can truly help each other to reach the pinnacle.

Janet Marsico’s Workshops are just awesome! You’ll work with her, while watching each other with posing, choreography, training, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions and to hear the answers of others’ questions to become versatile and even more skilled for your stage performances. Janet offers several different styles of Group Workshops:


  • 2 – 5 People for 1 hour. Book a Group Workshop with a friend or a few friends. This gives you a similar one-on-one opportunity with Janet, while saving you money on the individual one-on-one sessions if need be. You’ll enjoy this small group setting and can help to motivate each other, all at once! Inquire about small group sessions here.


  • 5+ People up to 15 (max) for 2 hours. This is a planned Group Workshop in which you can partake in one of Janet’s opportunities to get other like-minded participants together. Not only will you all save over having the one-on-one sessions, but you can learn by watching, doing, inspiring and motivating each other. Many of our Group Workshop participants make lifelong friends. Plus, if you look on our “Workshops” page, you will see our “Refer a Friend” program. Refer 3 friends, and SAVE ON THE COST OF YOUR TRAINING! The Group Workshop is super fun, so sign up today!


  • All levels – beginner, intermediate, advanced. 1 Hour. This cost effective class is a great way for you to brush up on what you have learned in the one-on-ones or in the smaller Group Workshops. Although these smaller settings are critical to get in show-ready preparedness, the larger group settings offer a perfect next step in your progression because you will work alongside other top WNBF Pro Figure Competitors who have experience. What you can learn from them is also tremendously beneficial! Many of these frequent group participants enjoy taking the class to stay polished on their skills through the off season or to refresh their skills before a competition. Watch and learn from the best! Also, don’t forget to Refer 3 friends. If they ALL sign up, your GROUP WORKSHOP IS FREE! Get prices and more info here.

Please note: This class is for competitors at all levels. Do not worry if you are a first-time competitor, conditioned competitor, or even at the Pro level. These Group Workshops are structured so that everyone feels comfortable and competent.


Bring Your Coach to the Show for Greater Confidence

Tag Coaching is a one-of-a kind service that Janet incorporated into her program. Not only has she derived the term, “Tag Coaching” in the fitness world, but she has found a way to truly put her clients in that “Top Five” level mindset and this one very service can be the distinctive advantage between placing high or placing further back.

With a Tag Coach, Janet will go to your competition, help you prepare backstage, make sure your suit is fastened properly and give you all of your last-minute advice right before you set foot on stage. She goes over your poses with you again (assuming that you have taken her Workshops already this would be merely last minute tweaking), but the most outstanding benefit of the Tag Coaching services is also the very reason why she derived the title of “Tag” Coaching.

Janet will be right up front during pre-judging and will carefully call out all of the corrections for each of the 3 poses, if needed, during your mandatory posing. These are the “Tag” words you learned at the Workshops. Even if you have not worked with Janet prior to the competition, you can hire her for your pre-judging as your Tag Coach. You will be required to have one 1/2 hour phone consultation to go over the Tag Words prior to your competition.

Why is hiring a Tag Coach important? Even if you have taken many Workshops and feel ready to “bring it” on the day of your show, nerves can take over and minor tweaking is needed. Many of Janet’s clients have told her that they felt more confident and felt they placed better than had she not been present. (References available upon request, or view testimonials here.)

Remember, it’s great to have friends and family cheering for you during your competition, but a Tag Coach will provide the service that friends and family might not know how to provide.


  • Tag Coaching pre-judging (1) show only $175.00
  • Tag Coaching pre-judging (2) shows $260.00
  • Phone consultation (1/2 hour) $55.00

Fitness Competition highlights


WNBF Pro World Figure | Champion


WNBF Pro Figure Pro Figure World Championships | Runner Up

Recipient of the 2006 Gatorz VIC BOFF Memorial Spirit of Bodybuilding Award for Supporting the Natural Movement in the WNBF/INBF


WNBF Pro Figure Ms. Exercise World Figure Championships | Runner Up

WNBF Pro Figure Northeast Classic Masters | Champion


INBF NaturalMania Nationals Overall Figure | Champion

WNBF Pro Figure Ms. Exercise World Figure Championships | Top 10

WNBF Pro Figure Northeast Championships | Top 5


Fitness America Nationals | Top 10

WNBF Pro Figure Ms. Exercise Fitness  | Top 5


NPC Suburban Middleweight | Champion

Fitness America Regional  | Champion

Fitness America Nationals | Top 10


NPC Metropolitan Middleweight | Champion


ANPPC New York State | Champion

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