IFBB PRO Helle Trevino Online Trainer
IFBB PRO Helle Trevino Online TrainerIFBB PRO Helle Trevino Online Trainer

Helle Trevino | CA

Helle Trevino is one of the world’s top female bodybuilders. At 5–foot–5 and around 165 pounds in contest shape, Helle possesses one of the most incredible physiques in women’s bodybuilding. She is known above all for her incredible size and the phenomenal conditioning she displays onstage – a female version of the former Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates.

She has worked with top athletes, actors, models and housewives who all had an individual goal to sculpt & shape their bodies. She feel’s that anyone can change their body and get fit. Let Helle get started with your body today!

Competition & off-season coaching

What is competition coaching?

You would like to enter a bodybuilding, fitness, figure or bikini competition. There are a lot of things to keep track on: nutrition plans, cardio plans, weight-training plans, core-training, water intake, sleep quality and most importantly: Timing.

So many factors are involved in a successful competition preparation that it’s nearly impossible without the assistance of a professional. At some point you will be depleted, tired and unable to see your own progress or lack there off. A coach is your teammate with the experience and knowledge to plan and time every day to perfection until competition day. Without this you will not be able to compete at your maximum capacity.

We are here to make the best out of you!

When you decide to hire a coach you spare yourself a lot of headaches:

  • “Am I where I need to be six weeks out?”
  • “Am I eating too many carbs?”
  • “Should I implement essential fatty acids?”

I could go on and on… You can spare yourself of all the worrying by hiring a professional coach. All you need to do is execute your plan. We do the rest. Let’s team up!


Competition preparation/coaching

Our competition program is the most extensive program for the serious athlete who wants to compete in a bodybuilding, figure or fitness. You will receive everything you need to get ready for your show.

We will perform an aesthetic body analysis and determine how you need to train for optimal results during your diet. You will receive a detailed training program for each day. You will also receive cardio plans suited to your needs. They will be adjusted throughout your diet. These can consist of

  • power walking
  • elliptical trainer
  • stairmaster
  • running
  • biking
  • interval training

We will adjust this program to your liking. It is so much more fun to do cardio if it is a type of cardio, which you enjoy!

The nutrition program will be designed from your liking of diet food; For instance, if you do not like fish, we will give you another food alternative. The program will be versatile with plenty of food options. It will be adjusted throughout the entire diet. We will make sure you are on track and progressing. We are experienced professionals in dialing in your physique for competition day.


Bikini competition preparation/coaching

Get yourself ready for this coming year’s bikini and pageant competitions! Get your skin firm and tight – get that healthy slim look that shows that you are in shape and fit!

With this program, we only work moderately with weights. We focus on diet, doing athletic exercises and burning unwanted fat. We will also focus on how to get a great posture and how you carry yourself.

This type of coaching is also for you who do not want to compete but want to look good this summer. Finally! You have told yourself this the last 5 years! Let us help you fit your bikini and look great in it!


Off-season coaching

As an athlete you know that your improvements are not made during competition preparation. In order to build and improve your physique you need a light surplus of calories and a training program that focuses on improving your symmetry.

Perhaps you have lagging body parts that need to be worked on, or maybe strong ones, which needs to be toned down. We work from an aesthetic viewpoint. Through an aesthetic body analysis, we determine how we can improve your symmetry in the best possible way.

Some athletes who have recently come off a harsh competition preparation may need a metabolism repair plan in order to get their metabolism up and running at full speed again. We are specialists in repairing sluggish metabolisms.

Let us help you get successfully into your off season. You can book us from 1 month up to 12 months. You can save $$$ on 12-months plans!

Personal Training

Learn new training techniques by IFBB pro Helle Trevino. She has developed her own training system:

“Bodysculpting”, which has lead her to win numerous competitions worldwide. She has worked successfully with many clients through 17 years.

At the present personal training is only available in LA, California.

Bodysculpting for women

This is a cardio and weight training program combined specifically designed for women. The purpose of this program is to sculpt your body into a more balanced, proportionate and fit package! You will look toned without too much muscle.

We will also work with stability ball exercises to improve your core-strength and tighten your abdominals. We will tailor your program to suit your needs and wants. We have developed our own very successful program, which specifically target abs, thighs and glutes.

Once you’ve booked, we will send you a few questions in order to fully personalize your program.

You will get a very detailed training plan for every single muscle group. It is an easy to follow plan outlined with multiple-choice exercises for variation, working sets, repetitions and rest periods. Further you will receive multiple to choose from cardiovascular exercises for fat burning, shaping and fun! This program is suited for beginners and intermediates.

Get your self-confidence back – start feeling sexy 

Aesthetic body analysis

Who needs an aesthetic body analysis?

Everyone who has a desire to achieve a more balanced and proportionate body should have an aesthetic body analysis performed.

What is an aesthetic body analysis?

This analysis will tell you specifically which body parts you need to work on respectively not to work on in order to obtain an aesthetically pleasing physique. We are specialists in assessing your physique. You will send us photos of you front, back and side respectively compulsory poses for bodybuilders.

You do not need to be in good shape for having your body analyzed. We are here to help you change your appearance – now you are taking the first step.

We will evaluate your symmetry – how your body parts flow with each other, and give you advice on how to develop a more balanced physique. You may need to loose fat in certain areas and build muscle in other areas. You will get honest and constructive advice from us.

We recommend our tailor made training program in conjunction with the analysis.

No more excuses!

Nutritional programs

Weight-loss plan

You want to get in shape. Why not start now? Forget about the fad diets in the magazines, “7 day cabbage soup diet – loose a quick 10lbs”. Sure. It sounds great if it was possible to loose 10lbs of fat in 7 days! But the real truth is: You’ll end up loosing water, minerals and muscle – not fat! – Nobody ever benefitted from any of those dreadful diets.

What you need is a tailor-made diet that isn’t harder than you can stick to. We consider that you are busy; we plan meals you can eat even though you only have a 5-minute lunch break. We help you with meal planning, how to spend the least amount of time cooking and how to make grocery shopping cheaper. When you book a nutrition plan with us, we will send you a questionnaire in order to accommodate your needs in the best possible way. We will ask you about when it is possible for you to eat during the day, what are your favorite diet foods etc…

You will not eat food you do not like! We will even schedule cheat-meals on the weekends in order to reward you for the great work you did all week keeping your diet-plan! A diet plan that fits into your life is easy to keep and does not only shed of the unwanted lbs, but it enables you to get into a healthy lifestyle which you gradually will adapt over time.

Training programs

Muscle-building program for men and women who love muscle!

Maybe you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, not really progressing anymore. Doing the same exercises every time you go to the gym. Perhaps you’re getting a little bored. We will help you get past that road-block with new effective ways of approaching your training.

We tailor a muscle-building program suited to your individual needs. Are you ready to pack on some good, serious quality muscle? Then let us help you. We are professionals. IFBB Pro bodybuilder Helle Trevino has developed her own very successful muscle-building system:

“Bodysculpting”, which has lead her to win numerous bodybuilding competitions world wide. You have to be prepared to totally change your training! Getting the right training program tailored for your body is essential in order to progress and get the results you are looking for. A random training program found on the web or passed on from a friend is not going to put you in a fortunate position. It’s like wearing somebody else’s shoes. Book your tailor-made training-program today and start getting the results you want.

Once you’ve booked, we will send you a few questions in order to fully personalize your program. You will get a very detailed training plan for every single muscle group. It is an easy to follow plan outlined with multiple-choice exercises for variation, working sets, repetitions and rest periods. This program is suited for intermediates and advanced.

Start packing on muscle now!

Competition History


IFBB Wings of Strength Texas Pro | 2nd place

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro | 1st place


Omaha Pro | 7th place


Tampa Pro | 5th place


IFBB Europa Battle of Champions Hartford | 9th place

IFBB Wings of Strength Chicago Pro-Am Extravaganza | 2nd place

IFBB Ms. Olympia | 12th place


IFBB FIBO Power Pro Germany | 1st place

IFBB Ms. Olympia | 14th place

2003 :

IFBB Jan Tana Classic |  1st place (HW and Overall)

IFBB Ms. Olympia |  5th place (HW)


World Amateur Championships | 1st place (HW)


Danish Championships | 1st place (HW and Overall)

Scandinavian Championships | 1st place (HW and Overall)


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